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Pilgrimage Tour Packages

Pilgrimage tours are assumed to be predefined tracks towards salvation or enlightenment. India is a large country populated with ancient and diverse civilizations. The religious geography of India is highly complex. It is a land of numerous gods and religions. It is where various religions, cultures and groups profusely indulge in their religious practices. Each groups have a high belief on pilgrimage tours. There are loads of worship places for every devotee, Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or Hindu.
Plan your journey to a popular holy center contended and blissful by purchasing the best pilgrimage tour packages. We arrange various spiritual trips around the world. The pilgrimage trips presents the visitors a mesmerizing experience, which they would remember for their rest of life. We offer the pilgrims with excellent services to make their North and South India pilgrimage tour comfortable and safe one.
Our religious tour packages cover various spiritual centers like Hekund Sahib, AmarnathYatra, Ajmer ShareefDargah, Cham Dam, KailashManosarovar and much more where pilgrims wish to visit. India can be referred as hub of spiritual and cultural tourism. According to your faith, you can choose your place of worship and visit. Every religious places in India attracts disciples from various parts of the world.
You can select any of the

spiritual tour packages

and tour to the popular sites like Rishikesh– main center for studying and mastering yoga in the world, Golden Temple, Amristar- a renowned holy Sikh city, Varanasi- situated on the reservoirs of Holy Ganges or Dharmasala- the Dalai Lama’s house in exile.
Popular Hindu Devotional Tour Packages
In the bends of snow covered Himalayas in Uttarkhand, there are several sacred Hindu shrines like Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath. All together they are termed as ‘Four Holy Shrines’ or ‘the Char Dham’. In ancient puranas, this region is referred as land of gods. If you are planning for North India pilgrimage tour , ensure to visit the holy places by trekking laboriously alongside mountain paths. Nowadays, both North India pilgrimage tour packages and South India pilgrimage tour packages are easily available at affordable price. You need to book in advance for easy reservation process.
A Hindu temple, Hindu shrine or Hindu mandir is a worship place for the disciples of Hindu religion. The main attractiveness of majority of Hindu shrines is presence of Hindu deity statues to whom that temple is devoted.There are large range of temple tour packages covering several popular Hindu temples like Vaishno Devi, Sun Temple, TirupatiTirumalaBalaji Temple, Sun Temple-Konark, Sabarimala temple, etc. You can either plan for North India temple tour or South India temple tour or purchase both tour packages.
Several Hindu temples and architecture are considered as historical monuments. For instance, you can find large number of historical monuments and temples at Mahabalipuram. Pallava Kings founded the group of sanctuaries. It was completely carved using rock during the seventh and eighth centuries. Mahabalipuram is popular mainly for its mandapas (cave sanctuaries), rathas (Hindu temples in form of chariots), temple of Rivage and huge open air reliefs like ‘Descent of Ganges’ along with thousands of statues to credit Lord Shiva. As part of heritage tours, you will walk in and around various heritage sites, center of culture and arts and more.
Christian Holy Tour Packages
Do you want to buy holy land tour packages? Well, before purchasing you need to make some arrangements to make your holy land trip satisfactory. It is also recommended to consult travel experts to assist in designing and framing an itinerary. Holy land packages covers Christian religious places like Jordan, Israel, and India.
Some of the popular Christian pilgrimages places in India include St. Thomas Cathedral Church (Chennai), Church of Our Lady of Health (Tanjavur), Shrine of St. Xavier and Bom Jesus Church (Old Goa), Our Lady of Rosary Church (Kolkata), Our Lady of Mount Church (Mumbai), etc. Apart from these, there are several Christian holy tour places in India.
Hajj Tour Packages
If you have decided to take up a true unique journey or go for hajj pilgrimage, then we help you in arranging this trip. We have various range of hajj and umrah tour packages as per your needs. Millions and millions of people yearn for a chance and wait eagerly to visit this holy place. Hope, you will be one among the lucky ones this year. We aim to offer all comfort, practical and religious advice that will let you to commit yourselves to an important task of performing hajj at hand.
Buddhist Pilgrimage Tours
Buddhism was originated in North India. It is not a separate religion. It consists of code of morality and system of philosophy. There are more than 6.6 million Buddhists around the world. India holds numerous locales and monuments associated with Buddhism.
Apart from India, there are copious monasteries and temples around the world placed in great position by the Buddhist community. Certain monasteries and temples have obtained international importance while others remain significant for the locales. Here in this text, we will explain about various Buddhist places that can be visited as part of Buddhist pilgrimage tour packages.
Each of the Buddhism location spread teaching of Lord Buddha. Buddhism is spread in various countries around the world. It is widespread in countries like Thailand, Malaysia, India, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Tibet, Nepal, Vietnam and Philippines. It is worth to go for Buddha tour to any of the above-mentioned destinations.
Buddhist temples in India
As Buddhism originated in India, there are several monasteries located in states like Himachal Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Bihar and Jammu and Kashmir (Ladakh region). The Mahabodhi Temple in Bihar remarks the place of enlightenment of Lord Buddha. He attained enlightenment under Bodhi tree. The Bodhi tree remains as a favorite destination for pilgrims to contemplate and meditate Buddhist teachings. The tree and temple is situated in a town called Bodhgaya. Number of monasteries are built by government of numerous Buddhist countries and monks.
Some popular Buddhist sacred sites include Chinese monastery and temple, the Bhutan Buddhist monastery, the Japanese monastery, the Thai monastery and the Tibetan monastery.
In Ladakh region (Jammu and Kashmir), you can find a large number of Buddhist holy places and monasteries. It can be reached through Padum, Kargil or Leh.The growth and spread of Buddhism in Indiaare clear as you read the following list of Buddhist attractions. Popular Buddhist caves in India Tour Packages: Barabar caves, Karla Caves, KanheriCaves, ElloraCaves and Ajanta Caves. If you are planning for Buddhist pilgrimage or Buddhist holidays in India, ensure to visit these caves.
Buddhist sacred places and monuments in India: Shanti Stupa, Udayagiri, Amravati Stupa, Sanchi Stupa and Amravati Stupa. In India, there are several Buddhist destinations. You need to spend enough time to research, explore and cover all the regions. Here mentioningBuddhist circuit that will help you in planning a trip.
Delhi- Buddha Gaya/Bodhgaya-Varanasi Delhi: Bodhgaya-Lumbini-Kathmandu-Sarnath-Kushinagar Buddhist Temples in Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka is a small island situated in southern tip of India. It occupies landscape of about 65,525 It was formerly referred as Ceylon. When Buddhism spread outside India, it first took root in regions like Sri Lanka and Gandhara. It is strongly told that ancient living Buddhist tradition followed till present date is Sri Lanka. More than 70% of this island’s natives follow Buddha Sri Lanka. They are referred as Theravada Buddhists.
Sri Lanka Buddhist Temple
Sri Lanka is popular for Buddhist temples. Some popular Buddhist temples in Sri Lanka include Asokaramaya Buddhist Temple,AnuradhapuraMahaViharaya, AbhayagiriVihara, Buduruvagala, KiriVehera, Dambulla Cave Temple, Sri DaladaMaligawa, RankothViharaya, RajamahaViharaya, etc. In Sri Lanka Buddhism is dominant and there are several Buddhist temples and destinations that make the entire island interesting to visit.
Buddha travel in Nepal
Majority of people in Nepal follow Hinduism and about 11% follow Buddhism. InNepal Buddha tourism is highly popular. Lumbini is the top holy destination for Buddhists.
Christian Pilgrimage Tours:
Christianity has glorious and long relationship with India. Christian pilgrimage sites were developed by Europeans from 15th century in India. There are several great churches of expatriate India. They are said to be the best churches in the world. You need to visit and explore the churches as part of Christian pilgrimage.
Christian tour sites in India
People go for pilgrimage for various reasons. They would indulge in religious trip because they may not be in good health, wish God to heal or say sorry for something they have done. Pilgrims visit sacred Christian holy places to remain close to God. In Goa, Bom Jesus church or Basilica of Bom Jesus attract large number of foreign tourists every year. It is said to be most prestigious Christian pilgrimage spot in India. It is the richest church in Goa. It is enclosed with marble. The church is decorated with paintings of St. Francis Xavier and precious stones.
Santa Cruz Basilia in Kerala is a historic church constructed by Portuguese. It is a beautiful building which you should visit during your holy trip.Churches in India portray the trends and fashions of distinctive European religious architecture. Flying buttresses and Gothic arches, elegant classical lines and baroque ornamentation are found in churches situated in Goa, Chennai, Kerala, Delhi and Mumbai. Most churches are heavy inspired by European style.
Do you wish to travel to Israel, the holy land? Israel Christian tour covers most of the Christian sites and landmarks in holy land along with other tour attractions. Holy land tours are planned and executed every year. It unites hundreds and thousands of Christian followers to holy places of Israel.
Holy Land Tour package covers various popular Christian destinations like Jaffa, Megiddo, Caesarea, Capernaum, Tiberias, Banias, Jordan River, Beit Shean, Nazareth, Dead Sea, Judean Dessert, Qumran Caves, City of Bethlehem and Jerusalem. As part of Israel trip, you will cover Jerusalem. You will be visiting popular Church of All Nations, King David’s Tomb, Temple Mount, Western Wall, etc. If you are planning to go for Holy Land Tour from India, you need to make arrangements in advance. At, we organize Holy Land Tour from Chennai and Holy Land Tour from Bangalore.The highlights of Jerusalem tours includes magnificent view of New and Old Jerusalem, Old City, Yad Vashem (Holocaust memorial museum), New City, Christian Quarter, Jewish Quarter covering holiest Jewish site and the Western Wall.
Spirit tours and Christian trip to Jordan
Jordan tours is completely different from the other religious tour. You will never feel same when you tour this holy land. During Jordan trip, you will cover Christian holy places like Amman, Jerash, Anjara, Um Qais, Madaba, Um Rasas, Mukawair, Dead Sea, Baptism Site, Bethany, Jerusalem and Bethlehem sightseeing tour.
Hindu Pilgrimage Tours:
India is a diverse country with several Hindu temples and shrines. It is blessed with deep-rooted traditions and cultures and home to numerous religions of diverse faiths. India is one of the popular countries for Hindu religious tourism. The best part is you can see religious places of Hindu in all the states of country. Ensure to visit the following significant Hindu religious places in India at least once in your lifetime.
Know about the Char DhamYatra
Char Dham is the popular pilgrimage sites for Hindus in India. Chardhamtourmeans visiting four religious sites. All four sites are situated in the Uttarakhand state. They are Kedarnath, Badrinath, Gangotri and Yamunotri. If you are planning for spiritual tourism in India, you need to plan for Hindu Char DhamYatra. It is started from West India to East Tour. During this Yatra, you will start from Yamunotri, then Gangotri, Kedarnath and finally Badrinath. Devotees from various parts of the world undertake to experience the real eternal bliss.
GangotriYatra and YamunotriYatra are devoted to Goddess Ganga and the Yamuna respectively. KedarnathYatra is devoted to Lord Shiva. BadrinathYatra is devoted to Lord Vishnu. Central India Tour
AmarnathDhamis situated in Jammu and Kashmir, India. AmarnathYatra is a popular annual pilgrimage. It is organized every year where the pilgrims would visit Holy Amarnath Cave. It is devoted to Lord Shiva. The respected Hindu shrine is locatedat the height of 3,888 meters. Most of the year, the cave remains covered by the snow. Every year, millions of Shiva followers go for aholy trip to Amarnath cave. It is challenging to cross mountainous terrain to worship and witness ice pillar in form of Shiva Lingam.
It would be a completely different experience for pilgrims undertaking KailashManasarovar journey every year. You will be visiting the majestic and magnificent Mount Kailash.It is a more than a mountain – a legend.
South India Hindu Pilgrimage Tour
South India temples tour is popular for various reasons. From rich fauna and flora, rimming mountains, breathtaking sceneries, pristine beaches to culture, you will feel like travelling into a different world with splendid surprises. There are several remarkable temples in southern states – Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka. MeenakshiTemple South India is renowned for its grand shrines, gopurams and halls. It is said to be one among the top nominees for latest Seven Wonders of the World. Meenakshi temple is devoted to Parvati and Lord Shiva. It is situated in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. Moreover, it is the best example ofIndian temple.
Other Hinduism holy places in South India includes Venkateshwara Temple, Ramanathaswamy Temple, Pattadakal and Aihole, Airavateswara Temple, The Brihadeshwara Temple and Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple.
Hinduism in Nepal
Pashupatinath temple is the most popular temple in the world. It is devoted to Lord Shiva. It is located in Nepal’s capital. It is published in the UNESCO world heritage places list. It is an awesome experience to witness Pashupatinath live darshan.
Muktinath is another respected religious place for Buddhists and Hindus. It is popularly referred by Hindus as MuktiKshetra, meaning place of salvation. Muktinath temple holds a large golden statue of Lord Vishnu. Also, the temple holds bronze images of various Hindu gods and goddesses.
Muslim Pilgrimage Tours:
Islam is the second largest religion with followers all around the world. According to Islam, religion means forgiveness, mercy, peace and faith in one and only God who is eternal and above all. People who selflessly practice and believe Islamic religion are referred as Muslims. The readers of Quran know that all rites of Hajj are pronounced by God Almighty and mentioned in the Quran. Hajj is prestigious than any normal pilgrimage. There are several holy places in Saudi Arabia and people from all over the world ensure to prepare themselves for a journey to Mecca and Medina.
Hajj pilgrimage is considered as the most important religious trip for Muslims. Hajj is obliged upon every Muslim both female and male, who is financially capable. It is pursued as excellence of Faith as it combines various unique qualities of other mandatory acts of patience, prayer, alms (Zakaat), devotion, privation of conveniences of life, supplication and slaughtering the sacrifice. In simple words, it is a physical journey preface to spiritual journey to Allah where man would farewell to things around him in the world and dedicate himself as a humble servant or slave.
Umrah means visiting Ka’bah, Marwah seven times and performing Tawaaf around Ka’bah. It can be performed in any month of the year or along with Hajj. There is no fixed month or time to perform Umrah. Muslims visit Medina and Mecca for pilgrimage. There are several Haj Umrah tour packages for pilgrims. Every year millions of Muslims wish to visit Medina and Mecca but only the selected members get a chance to visit these religious sites. As these sites are connected with Prophet Muhammad’s life, every Muslim urge to visit at least once in lifetime. With Haj Mecca packages, you can easily fulfil your dream of visiting the Holy Mecca and Medina. All pilgrims wishing to go to Saudi Arabia should arrange for VISA, hotel, flight tickets and prepare themselves for pilgrimage. We will offer complete assistance from money changing to paperwork required for pilgrimage. You have to focus only on your preparation. We will make the tour hassle free and complete. Our Saudi Arabia Hajj packages are all inclusive. We do not add any taxes or hidden cost to the plan.
Judaism Pilgrimage Tours:
Judaism is the oldest Jerusalem religion in the world and still exists. Jewish beliefs, traditions and history were documented in Hebrew Bible. Though the followers were not dominant in number, they are one among several early Middle Eastern Tribes. They continue to influence the contemporary western world.
The Western Wall remains close to modern Jews. It is said that Western Wall is the only leftoverartifact of Second Temple – Herod’s Temple. In ancient times, it was the sacred area of Jewish religion. It is also referred as Jerusalem Wall or Wailing Wall. It is situated on West direction of Temple Mount in Jerusalem (Old City).
The name was derived due to the fact several Jews gather to pray, sway and chant before the walls of Jerusalem. Moreover, the Jews conduct regular and Sabbath prayers near the Wailing Wall.Today, there are more than 14 million Jews in the world. The three major branches of Judaism are Reform, Conservative and Orthodox. They have varying styles to religious life. Jewish life is amusing in holidays, rituals and traditions. They remember the past, enjoy the present-day and remain hopeful for the future.
It is recommended to plan for pilgrimage tours to Jerusalem during the month of Judaism festivals. Some important Jewish festivals days are Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashanah (two main holy days), Passover, Sukkot and Shavuot (three pilgrimage festivals) and the Sabbath.
Sikhism Pilgrimage Tour:
Sikh is the youngest religions in the world. It is followedfor last five hundred years. Guru Nanak is the founder of Sikh religion. He spread a simple and strong message- Ek Ong Kar. It means we are created by one creator. It was discovered when India was splitinto fanaticism, religious factions, sectarianism and castes. He respected all religions and did not stick to any religion.
The main difference between other religions and Sikhism is people who follow Jesus, have faith in Jesus and people who follow teachings of Buddha believe Buddha is their God. But in Sikhism, the gurus themselves mentioned clear that they should not be worshipped. They made it clear to worship one and only Almighty Lord and not them. The gurus were not called as Sikh God. They refer themselves as servants of God. Sikh world is interesting to explore and follow. If you are planning for Sikhism pilgrimage tour, you should visit Golden Temple Amritsar.
History Of Golden Temple
The Golden Temple is located in Amritsar, Punjab. It was originally a tiny lake in the middle of quiet dense forest. It remained as a meditation spot for wandering sages and mendicants. The Buddha have spent at this spot in contemplation. After Buddha’s period, another saint/philosopher lived and meditated by this peaceful lake. He is Guru Nanak who is the founder. After his period, his disciples continue to visit the site and later it became as the major holy place of Sikh religion. Now, Amritsar Golden Templeis known throughout the world.
The architecture style of Punjab Golden Templeis influenced by both Muslim and Hindu artistic styles. Explore the land of peacefulness, purity and tranquility by stepping this royal temple.